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This podcast helps you become more informed about medical imaging as well as current SIIM news and happenings. You will hear from experts in the field of enterprise IT and imaging informatics.

Mar 15, 2021

Enterprise imaging involves the ability to capture, index, manage, store, distribute, view, exchange, and analyze all clinical imaging and multimedia content from any clinical specialty.

Over the past 6 years, The HIMSS/SIIM Enterprise Imaging Community have authored 10 white papers that explore different facets of Enterprise Imaging. This year the HIMSS/SIIM Enterprise Imaging Advisory Council was formed to assist in defining the focus of the HIMSS/SIIM Enterprise Imaging Community.

In today’s episode of SIIMcast, the team sits down and chats with 3 physicians (Dr. Veronica Rotemberg, Dr. Cheryl Petersilge, and Dr. Toby Cornish) from the HIMSS/SIIM Enterprise Imaging Advisory Council.